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All on 4 implants presented: treatment, costs & things worth knowing

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Losing teeth over time is completely normal. After all, our teeth are heavily used every day and wear out constantly. However, many people affected by tooth loss feel embarrassed about their smile or feel uncomfortable speaking or eating their favorite foods. All on 4 is a treatment method that can provide comprehensive relief here.

If you want to have a full smile again after losing all your teeth in the upper or lower jaw, this option is available to you. Many people have already regained the full functionality of their mouth with an All on 4 treatment.

To help you decide if All on 4 dental implants are the right choice for you, we’ve put together a FAQ guide about this treatment method.

What are All on 4 implants?

The All on 4 method can replace the entire upper or lower denture. It represents a permanent and natural-looking alternative to classic dentures.

Instead of replacing the entire set of teeth with implants, with All on 4 implants the dentist only places four implants in the jaw. A permanent, fixed prosthesis is then attached to these four implants. Aesthetics and functionality of this variant are particularly pronounced.

What are the pros and cons of All on 4?

Many people gain new confidence from All on 4 surgery. The treatment method offers several advantages:

  • You can replace all your missing teeth in just one day and with just one procedure.
  • The implants fit tightly in your mouth so they cannot loosen or shift like dentures can.
  • The procedure restores your entire set of teeth with just four implants.
  • All on 4 implants cost less than replacing each tooth with implants.
  • Bone augmentation is usually not required.

All on 4 implants are a fantastic option for people of all ages who have lost their entire set of teeth. Most patients have good experiences with All on 4.

However, you should go through all aspects of the procedure with your dentist to ensure these implants are the best option for you.

All on 4 implants cons

Below are some potential downsides to consider before choosing All on 4 implants:

  • You must have a high volume of bone to hold the implants in place, otherwise bone grafting may be necessary here as well.
  • The loss of a single implant means that the entire denture has to be remade.
  • The care of dentures according to this concept is quite complex.

How does All on 4 work and what are the special features?

Here, only four implants are used per arch, while traditional dental implants use six to eight implants or more per jaw.

The All on 4 procedure implants are also placed at an angle, which allows for better contact by using your bone’s natural support.

In addition, the All on 4 procedure does not require bone augmentation in many patients, as is often necessary with conventional implants.

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What requirements should I have for the treatment?

You should have adequate jawbone and gum tissue. This is necessary so that the inserted implants can be worn. During the preliminary examination, your dental and medical history will be taken into account and X-rays of the jawbone and any remaining teeth will be taken.

Since each patient’s mouth and medical history is different, it is appropriate to be examined by a specialist. This is how you can determine if All on 4 is the right choice for you.

Your dentist will present you with a treatment plan if the initial result is positive. You can upload this to dolvi and get a better deal from dentists in your area.

How does an All on 4 treatment work?

After the dentist has assessed the health of your teeth and the condition of the underlying structures, the actual procedure begins. The treatment process is divided into four steps.

First step

The surgeon numbs the surgical area to avoid pain. Some patients choose sedation to remain pain-free and unaware of the procedure.

Sometimes the first step involves the extraction of remaining teeth that are no longer healthy. Bone augmentation is sometimes done to strengthen the jawbone. This delays the placement of the implants but ensures their success.

Second step

When the anesthetic has taken full effect, the dentist can begin surgically inserting the titanium implants. They consist of posts on which the surgeon places the prosthesis.

Two implants in the back of the mouth and two in the front of the mouth provide the necessary support for a full denture.

Third step

The surgeon closes the wounds and places the temporary prostheses on the implants. The patient can go home immediately or when fully awake after sedation.

Post-operative pain is minimal and tolerable for many patients without medication. Nevertheless, you can of course take painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol in consultation with the doctor. Regular cooling in the first few days after the procedure helps against swelling.

fourth step

It generally takes about six months for the patient’s jawbone to heal and fuse with the implants. There is no pain during this process. Once adhesion has taken place, the dentist places the final dentures and the procedure is complete.

Can any dentist place All on 4 implants?

The All on 4 treatment concept is only used by specialist dentists or certified implantologists. Without exception, only dental implants from Nobel Biocare are used.

All users of the All on 4 treatment concept receive regular training and have extensive experience with All on 4. They also commit to the high quality standards of the manufacturer and document the entire patient care in detail.

What about the costs and coverage by health insurance?

The cost of All on 4 depends on several factors such as the material you choose, the number of teeth you need and your insurance.

You may receive a subsidy from your statutory health insurance company for fixed dentures based on the All-on-4® concept. However, the health insurance always only pays a fixed amount based on standard care.

If you want to know exactly what health insurance companies cover or not, we have prepared the following video for you:

YouTube video

Cheaper than All on 4 implants – with dolvi

We help you to save costs. Have your dentist draw up a treatment and cost plan for you and upload it to dolvi. Qualified dentists will see their estimate and give you a better quote. In this way you receive your treatment according to the All on 4 concept at the best price – with the same high quality.

Häufige Fragen zum Thema: All on 4 Implantate

Die Kosten für All on 4 Implantate hängen von mehreren Faktoren ab, z. B. von dem von Ihnen gewählten Material, der Anzahl der benötigten Zähne und Ihrer Versicherung. Abhängig vom Material und dem Honorar des Zahnarztes variieren die Gesamtkosten. Bei einer Standard-Versorgung eines Kiefers mit All on 4 ist derzeit mit etwa 9.000 € - 14.000 € zu rechnen.
Eine All on 4 Brücke kostet Sie in Deutschland zwischen 9.000 und 14.000 Euro, wobei es neben individuellen Faktoren auch regionale Preisunterschiede gibt.
All On 4 ist eine Zahnimplantat-Technik, bei der das obere oder untere Gebiss durch nur vier Implantate ersetzt wird. Diese vier Implantate dienen als Stütze für das Einsetzen eines neuen festsitzenden Zahnersatzes.

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