Cleaning dentures with citric acid: is that possible?

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Even more than natural teeth, dentures can wear out or become stained. However, unlike the former, dentures should not be cleaned using the same products and methods as they require different care to protect the materials used. It is therefore not recommended to clean the dentures with citric acid.

But are there better alternatives than citric acid? Today we will show you everything you need to know about cleaning dentures. General tips for caring for your prosthesis and more can be found here!

Is it a good idea to clean dentures with citric acid?

A simple way to clean dentures is to use lemon juice. A denture brush or a toothbrush with relatively soft bristles is used for this purpose. These are soaked in the lemon juice and then she is rubbed with it.

In this way, deposits can be removed thanks to the citric acid. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to clean the dentures with citric acid.

Because the dentures are made of plastic. The aggressive citric acid can attack and damage it.

What home remedies are better than citric acid to clean dentures?

Regardless of how well you care for a denture, staining and discoloration can occur. But if citric acid is not suitable for cleaning, are there other good home remedies?

Many home remedies for cleaning the prosthesis are recommended on the Internet – including baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. Unfortunately, all of these agents can attack the surface of the prosthesis and are therefore not suitable.

If you want to clean your prosthesis from time to time and do not have a special cleaning agent at hand, it is best to use a gentle washing-up liquid and a soft toothbrush.

Why you should better use special cleaning agents

To avoid plaque and bacterial growth on the prosthesis, you should use special cleaning agents such as effervescent tablets. They work all night long and thoroughly disinfect the prosthesis. They are inexpensive and can be found in almost every supermarket or pharmacy.

Denture cleaning tablets are very easy to use. You should always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Before you clean the dentures with the denture cleaning tablet, the dentures should be brushed with a soft toothbrush.

Denture cleaning tablets can be used daily to keep your dentures clean and disinfected at all times. Be sure to check with your dentist about how often you should use them on your dentures.

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Cleaning with ultrasound: The gentle alternative

Another good and, above all, gentle way of cleaning your teeth is ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning uses a property called cavitation to clean your dentures. The procedure is quite simple.

The device is filled with a bath of water or a special cleaning solution. Your dentures are usually placed in a basket that is submerged in the pool. A membrane vibrates at a very high speed, creating microscopic bubbles in the water bath.

These bubbles then hit the surface of the dentures and create a cleaning effect. However, the energy released by the cavitation is much higher than simply rubbing with a brush. The microscopically small bubbles can penetrate every gap and every pore of your artificial teeth and clean them as best as possible.

Daily cleaning of the prosthesis: this is how it works

Place a towel or other soft cloth under the cleaning area to prevent damage to the prosthesis if dropped.

Use a soft brush

You should brush off the prosthesis with a soft brush after every meal. Use a special toothpaste for dentures.

The prosthesis must be thoroughly cleaned from all sides to ensure that all traces of food and bacteria are removed.

If you cannot clean the dentures after a meal, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water or mouthwash.

flushing and storage

After cleaning, rinse the prosthesis under running water and store it in its case or put it back in.

It is advisable to also clean the storage box from time to time as dust and bacteria accumulate there over time.

Don’t forget to clean your gums

In addition to the prosthesis, you should also clean your gums well. To do this, you can use a soft brush and toothpaste.

During the night

It is a good idea to take out the prosthesis when you go to sleep so that the gums can rest and are relieved of the pressure they have been subjected to during the day.

During the night you can thoroughly clean the prosthesis with a special cleaning agent as described above.

How can stains be removed from dentures?

A daily cleaning routine is the easiest way to prevent the prosthesis from losing its original glossy white appearance.

In addition to the options already mentioned, the most effective way to remove discolouration on dentures is to have them professionally cleaned.

This is especially true for coffee and nicotine stains. Tobacco stains from smokers are often difficult to clean from dentures because smoking leaves stains over a long period of time. In general, discoloration from tobacco is very stubborn.

Professional denture cleaning at the dentist

Many denture wearers believe that unless they have a problem with their dentures, they never need to go to the dentist. However, the prosthesis should be professionally cleaned every year.

During this visit, the dentist will also assess the tissue supporting the prosthesis and the correct fit. Professional denture cleaning can remove more stubborn stains that your home care routine cannot.

When is a new prosthesis necessary?

But when is cleaning not enough to make a new denture necessary?

If you find that the prosthesis is chipped, cracked, or that one or more teeth have become loose, it definitely needs to be replaced. Because then not only is the fit impaired, the prosthesis can no longer be cleaned thoroughly.

Discoloration of the teeth is also a logical reason to replace your dentures. This can be avoided with the right care, but over time it can yellow or discolour somewhat. Especially for smokers it is sometimes no longer possible to clean the dentures satisfactorily.

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