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Dental implant price comparison: How to save unnecessary costs

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If you want a dental implant, you have to pay prices in the upper range – so the common opinion. But do implants really have to be so much more expensive than other dentures, or even unaffordable? Or is it also worth comparing prices for dental implants?

In this article we will show you what dental implants cost, how there are differences and how you can find the cheapest provider with dolvi.

What do dental implants cost?

Even if you would certainly like to hear a specific number here: It is not possible to put a flat figure on the costs for a dental implant. Because the price of a dental implant depends on many different factors.

You have not yet received a treatment and cost plan from the dentist, but would like to be able to estimate the costs in advance? Then please use our cost calculator. In just a few steps, he will lead you to a well-founded initial assessment.

Dental implants: What costs does health insurance cover?

The health insurance only pays the usual fixed subsidy, even for implants. This is based on the standard care for the corresponding medical indication. If there are only a few missing teeth, this is usually a bridge, and if there are many missing teeth, a form of prosthesis.

Private health insurers and supplementary dental insurance often pay more, but it depends on the exact tariff. If in doubt, ask your insurer.

Dental implants: high costs in any case?

There is a stubborn assumption that implants are much more expensive compared to the alternatives and are therefore reserved for people with a high budget. However, the costs can vary greatly. Therefore, do not immediately rule out dental implants without comparing prices.

How do different prices arise for dental implants?

Various factors are responsible for the price differences in dental implants. Some of them you have control over, others less so.

We will show you which factors you can pay attention to if you want to avoid unnecessary costs for dental implants. Because these have a significant influence on the price of your dental implant.


In fact, the region you live in makes a difference – even within Germany. In general, the costs for dentures in eastern Germany are lower than in western Germany, and higher in large cities than in rural areas. There is also a clear price difference from south to north.

However, the prices in your region are not set in stone. Because even within a region there can be enormous price differences.

Material and type of implant

Implants are usually made of very high-quality materials. After all, the implant should grow into your jaw during the placement process and ideally remain there until the end of your life.

The standard material is titanium for all non-visible parts and ceramic for all visible parts. However, an implant can also consist of zirconium and is then significantly more expensive.

The structure of the implant also makes a difference. Different types have different costs.

Jaw region

The jaw region in which the implants are located also shows an effect in the price comparison. Incisor implants and implants in the upper jaw are more expensive than those in the molar area and in the lower jaw.

Size of the gap

Sometimes we need more than a single dental implant. This is particularly evident in the price comparison. Because if several teeth are missing, more than one implant is usually necessary.

There are different types of construction:

  • replacing each missing tooth with an implant,
  • Placing implants at the end of rows of teeth and hanging a bridge on them,
  • Placement of implants as pillars for a Locator prosthesis in the case of complete edentulism.

Therefore, the larger the gap and the more individual implants it has to be filled with, the higher the costs for the restoration.

Bone offering

Especially if a tooth gap has existed for a long time, as well as with age, the bone in the jaw has often already receded. Then it has to be thickened again to provide the implant with support. One speaks here of a bone structure.

Bone augmentation has a significant impact on the price of dental implants because it involves another surgical procedure.

Price calculation of the practice

Ultimately, the practice’s pricing also has an impact on the costs for new implants. While some practices are committed to fair and transparent pricing, other practices try to earn as much money as possible from self-pay services. This is precisely why it is worth comparing prices for dental implants.

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How much do dental implants cost abroad and is it worth it?

Dental implants from Poland, Hungary or Turkey usually seem to be very cheap in comparison. While that may be true, and the offers on the provider’s website often look very good, you should consider that placing an implant is a surgical procedure that requires good communication between doctor and patient and an experienced practitioner.

Any language barriers and the lack of opportunities to check the quality of foreign offers make good treatment difficult here.

In addition, implants cannot be placed in one visit to the dentist. You have to visit the therapist repeatedly over a longer period of time. We therefore advise against having implants placed abroad.

Price comparison of implants: what does Stiftung Warentest say?

Stiftung Warentest sent test patients with dental problems to 15 German dentists. The frightening finding: The treatment suggestions exceeded the appropriate price by up to 90 percent – in some cases almost 10,000 euros too much were asked of the patient.

Stiftung Warentest comments on the quality of the suggestions: „Only two of the treatment plans are reasonably okay, all the others are bad.“ In addition, the proposed treatments would carry „unnecessary risks“. (Source: Stiftung Warentest 10/2015, p. 86-91: „Get up a gear“)

Dental implants: easy price comparison with dolvi

Wouldn’t you like to be one of those patients who dig deep into their pockets or even have to do without implants because of such excessive cost estimates? Then test the dolvi service now. We make comparing the price of your dental implants child’s play!

This is how the price comparison for dental implants works with dolvi

If you would like to compare the price of your new dental implant, simply follow the steps below:

  1. If you do not yet have a treatment and cost plan for your implant treatment, go to your usual dentist on site and have them make a cost estimate for your treatment.
  2. Upload the estimate to dolvi for free in just 90 seconds.
  3. Receive comparative offers from selected dentists after just 48 hours.
  4. Choose your new dentist and save money.

With dolvi to the new dental implant: What costs can I save?

Of course, we cannot promise you any specific cost savings. How high this is depends on the type of treatment you want and the price calculation of your dentist. On average, however, patients save 44 percent of the treatment costs on dolvi.

Thanks to dolvi, your treatment is not only cheap. Because we subject all participating dental practices to a precise quality check. With dolvi you always get the best treatment at the best price.

New dental implant: dolvi saves you time and money!

Play it safe now: get a second dental opinion, compare the prices of dental implants and reduce your treatment costs. On dolvi you can upload your treatment plan and cost plan anonymously in just 90 seconds and receive comparison offers from certified dentists. Here you will find the best treatment at a fair price – free of charge, without obligation and completely anonymous.

Häufige Fragen zum Thema: Zahnimplantat Preisvergleich

Ein Zahnimplantat kostet Sie ungefähr zwischen 1.400 € und 2.200 € pro Zahn. Wenn mehrere Zähne fehlen oder der Kiefer bereits zahnlos ist, steigen die Kosten schnell auf mehr als 10.000 Euro.
Je nach Material kostet ein Zahnimplantat zwischen 1.400 und 2.200 Euro, während eine Vollkeramikbrücke zwischen 1.000 und 1.500 Euro kostet. Außerdem erstattet die gesetzliche Krankenkasse nur etwa 10 bis 30 Prozent der Kosten für ein Implantat, während es bei einer Brücke etwa 50 Prozent sind.
In Deutschland sind Zahnimplantate vergleichsweise teuer. Für ein Zahnimplantat mit Zahnersatz müssen Sie mit mindestens 1.400 Euro rechnen.
Ein Zahnimplantat in der Türkei ist deutlich günstiger als in Deutschland. Für einen einzelnen Zahn müssen Sie mit Kosten zwischen 500 und 950 Euro rechnen. Viele Kliniken bieten Rabatte an, wenn mehrere Zahnimplantate benötigt werden.
Für ein einzelnes Zahnimplantat mit Krone ohne Knochenaufbau muss in der Schweiz mit Kosten von 2.500 bis 5.000 Schweizer Franken gerechnet werden.

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