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Are you thinking about dentures and don’t know which treatment is right for you? Your goal is to have beautiful teeth again, or even teeth at all. You have a multitude of options to choose from. In the following article we will explain the possibilities and give an overview of the associated costs. In addition, we give you information on which external factors influence the costs and how you can save something.

What types of dentures are there?

There are now a variety of ways to treat lost teeth. There is a choice between implants, fixed and loose dentures. In the case of small to medium-sized gaps, the fixed forms of the dentures are usually used for the patient, with large gaps being treated with loose dentures. Implants can be used on any patient, but they are usually very expensive.


Crowns are used on patients where the natural root of the tooth is undamaged and only the crown of the tooth has broken off or been destroyed by tooth decay. The function of the crown is to protect the tooth that is still there and to prevent further tooth decay. The tooth looks exactly the same after the treatment as it did before. For the treatment, the existing tooth is ground down and a dental crown is bonded to the tooth.

dental bridges

The dental bridge is used when the patient has missing teeth. Small to medium-sized gaps can be treated with the dental bridge, with the healthy teeth serving as a bridge abutment to which the bridge is attached. The bridge closes the gap and has a guarantee of up to 2 years. The disadvantage here is that the healthy teeth are ground down in order to attach the bridge.


Implants are suitable for any patient provided the jawbone is still intact and stable. Even here there is the possibility of building up the jawbone and placing implants. Individual teeth or the entire jaw can be replaced. Depending on the effort and replacement, the costs also increase. However, dental implants take a long time to treat and are very expensive.

The clasp / cast model prosthesis

This form of dentures is removable and is used in patients who are missing many teeth and placing implants is not an option. The prosthesis consists of a pink plastic base that is attached to the remaining teeth with metal brackets.

The telescopic prosthesis

An alternative to the clasp/model cast prosthesis is the telescopic prosthesis, which is more aesthetically pleasing. As a rule, the remaining existing teeth are ground down and inner crowns are attached. Outer crowns are attached to these, on which in turn the prosthesis is attached. This procedure offers the patient a strong hold of the prosthesis.

The total prosthesis

Total dentures are used in patients who have lost all of their teeth. It is made of plastic and is worn on the jaw. The prosthesis is attached to the jaw by the suction effect. The only alternative for a total denture would be treatment with implants.

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At a glance

Dental   clasp
Dentures Type Advantages Disadvantages
Fixed crowns Badly damaged teeth can still be saved. The tooth is protected against the formation of caries againTooth substance must be ground down for crowns Damage to the nerve Limited durability
bridge fixed low effortFixed subsidy from the health insurance companyhealthy teeth need to be processed healthy teeth may die off after grinding Tooth decay at the edge of bridgesBridges do not prevent bone loss
Fixed implants Bone loss is prevented Healthy teeth are preserved Costs are very high Effort and length of treatment
Loose/model cast prosthesis is used when many teeth are missing. Inexpensive dentures are not aesthetically pleasing. They are made of plastic and metal
Loose telescopic prosthesis is suitable for few remaining teeth with a strong hold. Aesthetically pleasing remaining teeth are ground down and provided with inner crowns
Total prosthesis loose in case of complete tooth loss suitable only option if implants are not possible

cost of dentures

No matter which dentures you choose, you should definitely find out about the costs of the respective dentures. The health insurance company also offers you support, which we will explain in the next section. In this overview you will find the possible costs without the reimbursement shares of the health insurance company.

At a glance

Denturescost without health insurance subsidy
Single crown per toothapprox. €600 – €1300
Ceramic crown per toothapprox. €750 – €950
Gold crown per toothapprox. €900 – €1250
Dental bridge made of 3 parts with ceramicapprox. 1900 € – 1500 €
Dental bridge made of 3 parts with goldapprox. 2300 € – 2700 €
Dental bridge made of 3 parts with zirconiaapprox. 2600 € – 3000 €
Dental bridge on 8 implant pillarsapprox. 14000 € – 17000 €
Clasp/model cast prosthesisapprox. 600 € – 900 €
Telescopic prosthesisapprox. €600-€700
Telescopic crown per toothapprox. €500 – €850
Full denture per jawapprox. €500 – €850
Dental bridgeapprox. 1400 € – 2100 €
Implant per toothapprox. 1800 € – 3400 €
Jaw structure for the implantapprox. 1300 € – 3200 €

What costs does health insurance cover?

Health insurance covers all dental treatments as long as they are part of standard care. All treatments that go beyond this, and this also includes treatments for dentures, are billed according to the fee schedule for dentists and are subject to the Dentures Directive . The patient receives a fixed subsidy of 30% from the health insurance company, provided the patient can provide evidence of regular check-ups. A hardship grant can also be granted if your income is very low.

Conversely, this means that aesthetic dental treatments can be very expensive, since the personal contribution is very high. This is where private supplementary denture insurance can help to cover the costs. In addition, the costs are also influenced by external factors. These include the dentist’s fee, laboratory costs and material costs.

It is worth comparing costs

Depending on the individual situation and the choice of therapy, the costs for a denture can vary considerably. In addition, the effort and difficulty of the treatment determine the costs. The costs charged must be justified by the dentist. You should therefore always request a treatment and cost plan from several dentists. These are free of charge and offer you a good basis for creating a feeling and comparability of the costs. The cost plan also shows the laboratory and material costs, which you must bear yourself in any case.

Do you need dentures? You must know this study!

Prof. Staehle, former director of the Heidelberg University Dental Clinic, examined the treatment and cost plans of German dentists based on the case history of a 59-year-old housewife who was missing two molars. The frightening result: The costs for the same case varied between 50 and more than 5000 euros. Source: Staehle Hans Jörg, ZM 7/2010: „The balance between oversupply and undersupply“

The study shows how important it is to get a second opinion for the upcoming denture treatment. This is very easy on dolvi . There you can upload your treatment and cost plan and receive counter-offers from certified dentists in Berlin. Free, non-binding and completely anonymous.


In the world of dentures, you have many choices from cheap to expensive. Let your dentist advise you on which treatment is best for you and best suits your wishes and budget. Then compare the costs with other dentists in your area and find the best deal for your case.

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Der Preis für einen Zahnersatz beginnt bei ca. 600 € – 1300 € für eine einfache Krone je Zahn. Eine Krone aus Keramik kostet pro Zahn ca. 750 € – 950 €. Ein vollständiger Satz von implantatgetragenem Zahnersatz für den Ober- und Unterkiefer, einschließlich aller notwendigen chirurgischen Behandlungen, kostet zwischen 15.000 und 30.000 Euro.
Wenn man sich einen Behandlungs- und Kostenplan genauer ansieht, wird deutlich, dass die Laborkosten einen großen Teil der Zahnersatzpreise ausmachen - sowohl für die Standards der Standardversorgung als auch für Zahnersatz, der über die Standardversorgung hinausgeht. Dies ist der Hauptgrund für die hohen Kosten: Die Herstellung von Zahnersatz ist Präzisionsarbeit. Jedes Stück ist einzigartig und muss sowohl in Form als auch in Farbe genau passen.

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