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Gluing dentures: What to do if the denture breaks?

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Dentures are designed to withstand typical tasks such as chewing and biting, but they are not as durable as natural teeth. They’re not meant to last forever, and on average, most patients can last 10 to 15 years on one set.

When a denture breaks, it’s easy to panic because it usually happens at the worst possible time.

While it may be tempting to fix them yourself with household glue or superglue, most professionals do not recommend bonding dentures.

Glue temporary tooth yourself: is that a good idea?

If you are considering this, the first thing to remember is that it is best to have it repaired by a professional. In general, it is recommended not to bond a temporary tooth yourself at home.

Although there are products and repair kits on the market and on the Internet, they usually do not work in the long term and can break again. Which complicates a correct restoration in the laboratory and requires the purchase of a new prosthesis.

Not to mention that in many cases these products can be harmful to oral health.

Trust a professional and save costs

When it comes to your oral health, you should see a specialist. Avoid apparent time and money savings as the financial cost and repair time can be greater in the long run. If you’re concerned about the costs, you should read our information on saving on denture costs. There you will find out how you can compare prices and save on treatment costs .

We advise you to keep the broken parts because they can be sent to the laboratory so that the specialists can reconstruct them as much as possible.

What you should consider before bonding dentures

If you’re thinking about bonding your dentures, you should at least consider the risks. If you are not careful you can introduce some seriously harmful elements into your mouth.

Certain glues may contain harmful chemicals or may not hold together for long. In addition, it is quite possible that you damage your prosthesis even more.

While we’re not necessarily trying to discourage you, a little more research and thought will help you balance your needs with the long-term use of your denture.

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5 reasons against the independent bonding of dentures

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t bond dentures yourself:


Even a slight misalignment of the two pieces of a fractured denture being glued together can result in an uneven surface that can cause pain where it rubs against the tongue, gums, or cheeks.

Likewise, a tiny deviation can cause the prosthesis to be loaded unevenly during chewing, which in turn can lead to failure of the prosthesis.


Glues that might be used in a home repair include regular super glue, ultra-durable craft glue, or some other form of cement.

While they may temporarily adhere to the prosthesis, many of these adhesives can contain harmful or even toxic chemicals that retain their hazardous properties after drying and curing.

Depending on their chemical composition, they can even damage the prosthesis, making further repair impossible and requiring a full replacement.

Such adhesives also hold less well when exposed to moisture or acids found in saliva and many foods.

Invisible damage

If a tooth has broken off a denture, it’s entirely possible that the same trauma that caused the breakage also caused invisible or hairline fractures or cracks.

If only the broken tooth of the denture is fixed, this unseen damage could lead to further fractures when the partially repaired denture is used.


Many prosthesis manufacturers offer a guarantee or satisfaction guarantee on the performance and durability of the prosthesis provided the patient does not tamper with it.

If corrections are made with unsuitable adhesives, this can lead to the loss of the guarantee.


A professional dentist has the proper equipment needed to carry out repairs properly. These include e.g. B. Vices, padded, non-slip pads, drills and polishers, UV lamps and other tools as required.

Common causes of a broken prosthesis

One of the most common causes of a broken denture is wear and tear over time. Despite adequate cleaning of the denture , after years of use, it is subjected to many cycles of stress from chewing and daily wear and tear.

In addition, temperature fluctuations in hot and cold foods and drinks, the acidity in food, and the moisture in the mouth can all contribute to the wear of a denture.

Progressive bone loss can also lead to a loosening of a prosthesis over time. If your prosthesis is no longer properly fitted, it can move more easily in the mouth.

A lack of stability in a denture can lead to stress and pressure points, which ultimately lead to a crack or fracture.

What to do in an emergency

So how can the prosthesis be repaired until you can put it into practice? Depending on how it broke, you may be able to find a temporary fix before you see your dentist.

Here’s what you can do in an emergency:

Call a dentist

Explain the situation to him by describing which part of your prosthesis is broken. From there, your dentist can help you schedule an emergency appointment.

In an emergency, look for a denture repair kit

They can be found in almost any grocery or drug store. These kits contain some of the tools and solutions you need to temporarily hold your dentures together.

But these kits are not intended for long-term repairs. The only permanent solution is to have them bonded by a dentist.

This ensures that the prosthesis fits comfortably, does not irritate your mouth and does not damage your jaw.

Visit your dentist

After trying a temporary fix, you should make an appointment with your dentist of choice for a permanent fix. Your dentist can bond your dentures and ensure they continue to provide a comfortable solution to missing teeth.

Broken denture – save costs with dolvi

As you have read in our article, bonding the dentures yourself is not a permanent solution and has some disadvantages.

Did your dentures break or are you already considering dentures in the near future?

Dolvi offers you a free price comparison for dental expenses . All you have to do is first get a cost estimate from your dentist and upload it to dolvi. Qualified professionals in your area will then be able to see your estimated costs and give you a better offer!

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